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Egnyte for Salesforce

The Salesforce API allows customers using the Salesforce integration to find folder mappings using the Salesforce record ID as an input. To use this API, you need to request additional scope Egnyte.salesforce using the oauth scope.

Get a folder mapping for a Salesforce record

GET /pubapi/v1/sfdc/foldermap/{18 character Salesforce record ID}
Request Examples
GET /pubapi/v1/sfdc/foldermap/001d000000HcByGAAV HTTP/1.1
Host: apidemo.egnyte.com
Authorization: Bearer 68zc95e3xv954u6k3hbnma3q
curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer 68zc95e3xv954u6k3hbnma3q" \
Sample Response Body
Response Parameters
Element Description
path Path to the corresponding Egnyte folder. If path does not start with a '/' character, it is a relative path under /Shared/Salesforce.com (for example 'Accounts/ABC' would resolve to '/Shared/Salesforce.com/Accounts/ABC').
folder_id The id of the corresponding Egnyte folder.


Egnyte for Procore Integration

Egnyte Procore API allows users to manage their Egnyte Procore integration by list, creating, and stopping syncs.

Open Egnyte Procore APIs documentation