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Getting Started

The Egnyte Public API lets you create applications that securely interact with Egnyte in the following ways:

  • Access, modify, and search for file system content
  • Manage users and groups
  • Generate audit reports
  • Create and manage file and folder links

Our APIs are RESTful in nature and adhere to the following standards:

  • API request and response bodies are JSON formatted. Be sure to set the "Content-Type: application/json" header on requests that have bodies.
  • All strings must be UTF-8 encoded.
  • All API calls must be made over HTTPS to ensure security.

File uploads and downloads through the API are limited by the maximum file size allowed for your Egnyte account.

Base API Path

Except for authentication, all API calls to your domain share the following base URL.

https://{Egnyte Domain}.egnyte.com/pubapi/

Following the base path, you will need to indicate the API version you are using. Currently, all endpoints are v1, except for the User and Group Management endpoints which are v2.

When accessing the Public API you must use {Egnyte Domain}.egnyte.com (e.g. mycompany.egnyte.com) and not a custom access URL (e.g. files.mycompany.com).

Please see our Best Practices page to learn more about utilizing our APIs.

HTTP Verbs

HTTP Verbs provide the action to call endpoints in a rest API. If you are not familiar with HTTP verbs such as POST, GET, and PATCH, please read this tutorial. Some environments are limited in the HTTP verbs that are supported for outbound network connections, for example, not allowing PATCH, PUT, or DELETE verbs. The typical solution for the environments is to make a POST request and pass the HTTP header X-HTTP-Method-Override with the verb you would like to have the request treated as (e.g. PATCH, PUT or DELETE).

Setting Up An Egnyte Development Environment

Request a Developer Domain

If you are working on a third party application integration made for public, we are happy to provide a free Egnyte domain for development. To request the domain, please reach out to Egnyte's Ecosystem team at partners@egnyte.com and ask to be provided a developer domain.


If you are working on a third party application integration for a specific domain or client. Please reach out to the CSM associated with that domain to request a developer domain.


Also, please note the following rules for development domains:

  • Development domains should not be used for purposes other than application development.
  • These domains may be audited and purged from time to time.

Request an API Key

To start using the Public APIs, you need to register for a developer account and create an application. A key will be generated for each application automatically but will need to be approved before you can use it. We aim to respond to API key requests within a few hours but it may take up to one business day. Also, please look out for e-mails from a member of our team since we'll let you know when your key is approved or if we have any questions.

Please note the following rules when registering for an API key:

  • The API key must be associated with the domain name you wish to convert into a free partner account.
  • You must describe the purpose of the application.

Once logged into your profile, you can see your current keys under My Account -> Keys. If you already have an account, you can register additional keys by navigating to My Account -> Applications -> Create a New Application.

When registering for an application, you will be asked specify if your application will be a Publicly Available Application or an Internal Application. If you are writing an application for your own company's internal use or are contracted to create a solution for a single company, you should select an Internal Application key. Otherwise, you should select the option for a Publicly Available Application. You will also be asked to provide your Egnyte domain (e.g. apidemo for apidemo.egnyte.com). If you are creating a Publicly Available Applicaiton, you will need to set an OAuth Redirect URI. Don't worry, if you change your mind, you can edit the Redirect URI in your developer account profile.

API Limits

Note that by default all keys are set to 2 Queries Per Second (QPS) and a 1000 call daily limit. This is a per user per domain limit.  Developers are notified by email when they are close to their limit and again when they go over their limit.

Error Codes

Error Code Error Message HTTP Code Troubleshooting
INTERNAL_ERROR Error occurred while downloading app info for api key 400 Your API key is possibly still pending approval. Typically, we approve newly registered keys within a few hours but it may take up to 24 hours. If it has been longer than that, please check the e-mail address associated with your account to see if you missed a message from us. You are also welcome to e-mail api-support@egnyte.com to check the status of your key.

You may also encounter this error if you are trying to follow a Public Application authentication flow using an Internal Application key. Please double check how your key is configured in your developer account profile. If you need us to convert your key to a Public Application key, please e-mail api-support@egnyte.com.
INTERNAL_ERROR No active developer profile found for api key 400 Your API key is invalid. Please confirm your API key is correct and is being sent properly in the request.
APIKEY_FOR_IMPLICIT This API key is configured only for Implicit Grant flow. Please check the documentation and try again. 400 Your key is configured to work with the Implicit Grant flow. If you are an Egnyte customer developing an application for internal use, please contact api-support@egnyte.com and we will be happy to convert your key. Otherwise, please follow the instructions for using the Implicit Grant flow.

App Approval Process

If you are using an Internal Application key on your own domain, this section does not apply to you.

Initially, your API key will only work for the Egnyte domain you specified when registering your application. Once we approve your app for production, this restriction will be lifted. When your app is ready to be released, please fill out the Egnyte Partner Certification form to start the approval process. Please note that the review takes a few days and may take longer if something needs to be revised.

Basically, we just need to make sure you're not up to anything funky or mischievous.

The most common issues we see are:

  1. Using Our Old Logo: Please use the logo from our Press Kit
  2. Overly Broad OAuth Scopes: Pleaes make sure you have scoped your OAuth request to the minimal set of scopes needed for your application.
  3. Application Information: Please verify that the application name and icon are updated in the application's profile for the key you are using.

Policy on API Enhancements

The Egnyte Public APIs are frequently being enhanced. These enhancements may add new endpoints as well as new parameters or headers to existing endpoints. However, unless we notice a security issue or other critical problem, we will not make changes that remove or modify existing, documented fields. Though uncommon, we sometimes expose certain undocumented features on a temporary or provisional basis. If you notice an undocumented feature and wish to use it in your code, please check with API support before depending on it.