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Folder Options API

Modify Folder Options

This endpoint is used to modify the options for folders.


Request Parameters

At least one valid parameter must be included in a request.

Parameter DescriptionRequiredPossible Values
folder_description Text description of the folder. No Any string that is a maximum of 200 characters.
allow_links Choose whether links can be shared to files or sub-folders within this folder. No true, false
public_links Choose to allow public links from this folder for files and folders, files only, or not to allow public links. No files_folders, files, disabled
restrict_move_delete Boolean to restrict move and delete operations to only Admins and Owners if true. This can be applied to /Shared and /Private top-level folders. No true, false
email_preferences JSON object with boolean keys that can modify periodic emails about file changes. No

content_updates, content_accessed*

* The content accessed option is unavailable for Standard Users

Method-specific Response Codes

Error Code Error Message HTTP Code Troubleshooting
Bad Request FOLDER_DESCRIPTION_TOO_LONG 400 Folder description cannot be longer than 200 characters.
Unauthorized This request is unauthenticated. Please provide credentials and try again. 401 Check that your token has Egnyte.launch websession scope.

Request Examples

PATCH /pubapi/v1/fs/Shared/Contracts HTTP/1.1
  Host: apidemo.egnyte.com
  Authorization: Bearer 68zc95e3xv954u6k3hbnma3q
  Content-Type: application/json
    "folder_description": "This folder contains all of the contracts for our construction projects."
curl -v --request PATCH -H "Authorization: Bearer 68zc95e3xv954u6k3hbnma3q" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"folder_description": "This folder contains all of the contracts for our construction projects."}' https://apidemo.egnyte.com/pubapi/v1/fs/Shared/Contracts

Sample Response

  "folder_description":"This folder contains all of the contracts for our construction projects.",