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Egnyte’s Public API enables you directly access content and manage a domain using your own application. This section houses the technical details for each of our endpoints and is updated periodically as new endpoints are added. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the different methods you can access once you register for a key. You can explore and test the APIs first or dive right into the documentation.

Getting Started
Getting Started Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in? Let us put you on the right path. The Getting Started section explains how to request an API key, our policy for enhancing endpoints while preserving compatibility, and common formats used in our APIs. Get Started
Authentication This section describes the ways your application can authenticate with Egntye. You must get an access token from one of these authorization flows in order to send a valid request to any other endpoint. Methods Try It
file system api
File System API The File System API allows you to perform file system actions like: create, update, move, copy, delete, download, and list information about files and folders. Since most use cases involve some basic file system operation, this is one of our core APIs. Methods Try It
events api
Events API The Event API lets you retrieve recent changes that have occurred in Egnyte. This can be used to detect an event that should trigger activity in your application or can help you maintain state between an Egnyte domain and your application. Methods
search api
Search API The Search API lets you search for content stored in Egnyte based on filenames, metadata, and content. As a result, your application can benefit from Egnyte's robust search capabilities without needing to index the content in your own application. Methods
link api
Link API Our Link API allows you to create and manage file and folder links so that you can share content with ease. You can also customize links in several ways: set a click or date based expiry, require recipients to log in before accessing content, request notification upon link receipt and more. Methods Try It
permissions api
Permissions API The Permissions API allows you to list, set, and remove folder permissions for users or groups. You can also get the effective permission for a user, which takes into account group and individual permissions on a given folder. You might use this API if your intended workflow involves sharing content or creating new users. Methods
user management api
User Management API The User Management API allows you to create, update, get information about, and delete users. You can leverage our user schema to customize settings like user role or authentication type and even control whether a new user receives an invitation email.Methods
group management api
Group Management The Group Management API allows you to create, edit and delete groups. You can also use this API to inspect and manage group membership.Methods
audit reporting api
Audit Reporting API The Audit Reporting API allows you to programmatically generate and retrieve reports on login activity, file actions, and permission changes. The scope of these reports effectively gives you a 360° view of the activity in your account. Report data can be outputted as a .CSV for easier opening in Excel. Methods
ui integration framework
UI Integration Framework The UI Integration Framework enables app developers to hook into the Egnyte Web UI to expose custom actions for their app. Currently, you can extend the "More" menu and the Context menu.Process
trash api
Trash API The Trash API allows you to programmatically move files and folders to the trash, permanently delete items in the trash, empty the trash, and restore items from the trash.Methods
comments api
Comments API The Comments API allows you to create a comment, list all comments for a file, and list the details for a specific comment. Comments can also be referred to as notes.Methods
task api
Workflow API The Workflow API allows you to create a new workflow, list tasks and workflows, and cancel workflows.Methods
metadata api
Metadata API The Metadata API (Beta Version) allows you to create namespaces of custom metadata fields (keys) and get/set metadata values. You can set metadata in the context of a file, specific file version, or folder. This API is still in Beta and is subject to change.Methods
embedded api
Embedded UI API The Embedded UI API allows you to start an Egnyte Web UI session in the web browser with a public API token. The token is required to have an Egnyte.launchwebsession scope.Methods
bookmarks api
Bookmarks API The Bookmarks API allows you to create a bookmark on a folder, list all bookmarks, list the details for a specific bookmark, and delete a bookmark.Methods
insights api
User Insights API The User Insights API provides you with the information about the files a user has recently accessed.Methods
project folder api
Project Folder API The Project Folder API allows you to search, create, modify, and delete Project folders.Methods
protect api
Protect API Egnyte Protect Public API exposes "issues" for the purpose of listing, polling for new "issues" and watching for changes in "issue pool".Methods
MSP Public API
MSP Public API Egnyte MSP Public API exposes endpoints which provides reseller information.Methods

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