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Sample Code

To help you get started coding using our APIs, we've written a sample mobile application. This app is a simple file browser which supports all filesystem actions: create folder; upload/download files; rename/move/copy/delete files and folders. The app demonstrates best practices for leveraging the Egnyte Filesystem API. Even if you are not developing a mobile application, the code should be useful to you as a reference.

The app implements the Implicit Grant OAuth flow, which is the same one you should use if you are creating a publicly available application. If you are an Egnyte customer coding for internal use, you will instead use the Resource Owner OAuth flow. Both flows are described in detail in our docs.

There are two versions of the app: one for iOS and one for Android.

Sample Application for iOS

Sample Application for Android

We have also written a sample PHP application that implements an anonymous upload dropbox:

Sample PHP uploader